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Welcome to OCPIX, my name is Ray and I've been taking photos since 1990, yup that's a long time. For the past 28 years I've photographed people, places and everything in between. 

I know there are many talented photographers out there,  if you're here because you hired me, then thank you for choosing me among all the rest. It's truly an honor. 

If you're here because you met me at an event and looking for a specific photo I took, then you arrived at the right place. If you can't find your photo, send me a quick email and I'll see if I can locate it for you, chances are I have it backed up somewhere.

Please note, projects for clients are only accessible with a specific link and password.

If you haven't yet noticed, OCPix.com is my top level photography services site for all of my projects, including my online website OCSurfPix.

I'm located in Orange County and I cover most of Southern California.

In addition to local photography services, my wife and I travel to places like Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Europe and South America, at times for fun and other times for photo projects. Recently in June of 2014, Nacho, one of our partners, was in Brazil covering the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Follow me on Instagram under @ocpix and also @ocsurfpix!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:   ray@ocpix.com or at

(714) 253-7650

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